Zap him in the microwave and let rice-filled Tandoori keep you warm 'froggy style' when things get chilly ;-)


(Pattern courtesy of Funky Friends Factory)

Tandoori (Heat Pack)

  • Heat Tandoori in the microwave, along with a cup or glass of water, for one and a half to two minutes. (NB: times may vary depending on your microwave wattage).

    Always test the temperature before applying to the affected area.

    Always allow your bag to cool completely before reheating.  Do not overheat.  Watch for signs of over heating e.g. an over-cooked smell or burning or charring and in extreme cases, smoking.  These all indicate that irreversible grain deterioration has occurred.  Safely dispose of your heat bag immediately.

  • Delivered wrapped in tissue paper with a handwritten note.